Work From Home Make $250 Per Hour as a Webcam Model

Work From Home and Get Rich on Your Own Terms!

Hey, if you landed here because you want to make huge money online working from home with little or no investment, you are in the right place.


Are you interested in making HUNDREDS of DOLLARS per DAY from the comfort of your own home? Making $250 per hour and more?

Sites with webcam models, both male and female, are growing more and more every day, and more and more people are watching webcam models on web sites, and they are spending tons of money on webcam models every day.

You probably saw some of these webcam sites online, and you saw some women or men  performing in front of their webcam.

Some might think: “Oh, poor things, they perform in front of their webcams for a little cash because they are desperate or something like that.”

Well, guess what, those webcam models are making 200-10 000$ every day, yes, 3-5 figures every day. DO YOU MAKE THAT MUCH WORKING YOUR OWN SCHEDULE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME DOING NOTHING MORE THAN BEING UNINHIBITED AND SOCIAL?

If you are interested in this, today is your lucky day, keep reading, and I will explain you how to become one of these webcam models, how to make more money with webcam modeling and how to start making money with your webcam right now. Once you are a webcam model, we can also set you up as an affiliate to make all kinds of extra money by displaying your affiliate link for other related products,and can also help you get set up to even go further if you are interested in exploring the high society world of being a private escort.  But first, the easy stuff: a WEBCAM MODEL!


How Much Money Can I make as a Webcam Model?


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Their average webcam model will make anywhere between $800 and $1200 per week working 10 to 20 hours, with some models making much more (5-6 figures per month).

You will make varying rates that can be upwards of $1.20 – $$/minute on a single cam network, so if you can work 5-7  hours every day you can make easy 400-500$ every day, and you can work as many hours as you want, so basically you can make unlimited money using your webcam. There are NO special skills required, and no special tools other than a PC/laptop and high speed internet (you will very likely also need the high end HD webcam with night lighting and pro microphone, but we have them on sale in our store super cheap). Best of all we are recruiters for a TOP studio in the field, who provides top notch support, resources, training, and perks such as DAILY PAY.

To continue the financial example, you can earn  around 1.2$ per minute in tips and payments from cam networks – this is an average and can vary widely, of course, which is why our support and studio support is critical.

The studio who trains, supports, supervises, and pays you has over 10 available networks and you can test out different ones if you wish (they will steer you towards the best choices of course, thats part of the service they provide, to make sure you are on a network that has the best traffic and viewers to make you the most money all the time).  The studio will also help you to set up “split streaming” so that you can earn on multiple networks at once, so $1.20 per minute can easily be $5 to $7 per minute by “split camming”.  The final piece of the puzzle is the promotion and marketing that we do as recruiters and promoters, to make sure YOUR cam gets personal attention and traffic.  THE MONEY IS ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS AND GROWS BY THE DAY.



So if you can work 7 hours per day with minimal earnings of 3$/minute (split camming 2 sites, just to use an easily achievable and minimal  example), your earning would be:

60 minutes * 3$ = 180$ per hour.

And 180$ per hour * 7 hours is 1260$ per day.

Except webcam modeling you can **also** make few thousand dollars every month making your own webcam videos and being an affiliate for complimentary products sold to your viewers!.

You can record your own video, doing things, fetishes, touching yourself and everything else, upload it to this site, and they will pay you 70% lifetime revenue share for that video.

These videos will be uploaded to more than 50 huge porn sites and millions of people will watch it, so that video will make lot of money every day, and they will pay you 70% of that money.

The only additional thing you need is PROMOTION so that you stand out and will be noticed amongst the thousands of other cam models, and that is why it is important to sign up with US HERE using our links, as signing up as a cam model using US as a recruiter for the top studio in the business has the added benefit of our FREE promotion, which is essential to you (and us) making money! In addition to the studio support and training, we will work to market and promote you personally on the networks on which you appear.


ANOTHER GREAT THING ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY: You can block visitors from your country (or state), so no one can recognize you.

So, if you are from UK you can block UK visitors on your webcam link. If you are in the US, you can usually block based on state.


Webcam model Requirements


  • You must be over the age of 18. There is no upper age limit, no requirement to be skinny or any particular body size or type, ethnicity, hair color or length, or ANY of that, and rest assured you **WILL** be found attractive by some visitors to your cam and earn great money – being a cam model is the ultimate in personal expression, you are encouraged to BE YOURSELF and you will have fans and make money, guaranteed!
  • You must have a scanned image of a valid Driver’s License, Passport, or other legal proof of age. (+18)
  • You will need a laptop or desktop computer with a decent processor and at least 2GB of RAM. If you need a PC/laptop we have a great  deal in the store cheaper and more powerful than anywhere else for a top of the line laptop:
  • You must have a higher speed (broadband) Internet connection and a good quality WEBCAM and MICROPHONE. We have in our storefront an upgraded webcam with LED night lighting and HD and microphone – on special clearance for very cheap at  this link it will most likely be your only required expense if you arent sure if you have one that will be good enough (we strongly urge you to get this one):


Here is a link to the best and cheapest webcam with the minimum required HD/microphone/LED night lighting specs in our store:


You can work any hours you choose from any location worldwide with broadband Internet connection.

Also, the studio will provide incredible support resources, free training and supervision, and handling of all payments and forms. All you do is broadcast! We will also set you up as an affiliate to have your viewers purchase associated products in our storefront which will make you even MORE money 24/7!



When and How Will I get Paid?


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You will get paid DAILY by the studio, as soon as you meet some very minimal threshholds (and weekly until then)

No payment delay, No payroll or payout fees, so you receive the amount you earn.

For convenience and speed of payment we strongly suggest  Paxum ( an E-Wallet and Mastercard issuer that is very similar to Paypal but allows adult themed transactions).

Paxum offers  a free Mastercard and you can apply for it right now no one is truned down and there is no credit check, and you can use Paxum as an online payment eWallet service to pay and get paidby any other Paxum user (which is how you will BE paid as a model) along with the Mastercard they will send you. You can link your Paxum eWallet to your bank accounts to enable transfer of funds at any time directly into/out of any bank accounts you own very quickly and free.

When they send your weekly earnings you use your Mastercard card to withdraw your money from every ATM in the world.

You can use this card to pay for your gas, groceries and everything else, it’s great.

Here is the signup link for Paxum: SIGNUP FOR PAXUM HERE


How to Signup and Start Making Money Today?


You can sign up on our studio’s site in 5 minutes, and you can start making money right away, you don’t even need to wait for their approval.

Our studio  is well known as the premier studio in the industry, you will get everything that you need there, instructions, account details, support. statistics and reporting, everything.

Your real name will be hidden of course from viewers and everything is 100% anonymous.



YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Your financial prayers are answered!

WE will ensure that by promoting you as a cam model once you are set up with the studio.

Prepare for your life to change!



WE WILL DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU to make sure you have promotion and viewers. You will give us permission to use your likeness and will upload pictures and videos that you take for us to use to promote on social media networks and across the internet. This last step is CRITICAL because the webcam sites already have thousands of cam models on them, and getting YOU promoted is a vital part of making money. Its like having a website, anyone can have a storefront and a website, but unless you have promotion and visitors, you wont make any sales and money. You can be a great cam model, the best the world has ever seen, and yet without promotion and visitors to showcase YOU above the thousands of others, you wont make the big money. Let **US** do that for YOU. We and the studio which supports you  make money because we get a small ongoing referral fee from the camsites (which does NOT come out of your earnings!), so we all have the same aligned interests.


To Begin!


  • if you dont already have a Paxum account, you need one to get paid daily. Signup is HERE 
  • make sure you have a PC or laptop that is usable (anything that isn’t really old should be fine but a phone isnt good enough it needs to be a laptop or desktop that can take a USB webcam) – if you need one shop in our store for a ridiculous deal HERE
  • check our form to see if your webcam meets minimum requirements, you need a webcam with HD capability, hi-fi microphone, and 4 minimum LED night lighting, these top webcams are usually $100 or so but we have a clearance super cheap deal in our store HERE you need to purchase if you need one, if so it will be your only required cash outlay and you will make it back very quickly)
  • sign up with our studio HERE – they will provide support, training, daily pay, ongoing supervision and all instructions. As your recruiter, we will also provide unlimited support 24/7 to meet your needs at all times. Make SURE you also send an email to and verify that you have signed up with your name at the studio site so we can follow up and make sure you are in their system so we can begin promoting you.
  • remember that you will be able to BLOCK viewers from certain countries/states, so your family/friends/co-workers from your home country/state will likely never know you are a model if you dont want them to. Optional to do that but you can if you want.
  • we do not require it but strongly suggest if you want to make the highest level of income to additionally join our adult dating site and allow us to promote you on there, this leads to the largest number of top spender viewing clients. Our signup link is HERE:  and consider if you wish to explore (or already are involved in) the world of high class escorts, you can sign up HERE so we can promote you in that field
  • make sure and join this site as an affiliate and PROMOTE your purchase link to your viewers for the sex robots – they are complimentary to your viewers that spend on you…the one thing you cant do with your digital entertainment is physically satisfy them, but if they buy the robot from you, they can be FULLY satisfied with your entertainment experience –  the affiliate signup is HERE
  • Signup to our mailing list HERE so that we can email to you a hard copy of this checklist and stay in touch with announcements and updates. We also have a facebook private group at this link HERE  that you should join when all startup steps are completed and lets make sure you are earning money RIGHT AWAY!