Free Robots!!!

Do you want FREE Sex Robots?

PowerSuck 500 for FREE?

PowerPussy 500 for FREE?

Our manufacturers at VERY BRIEF times will overproduce for us and we will liquidate the robots at **our** cost – check back to this page often to see if our “FREE” program has any in stock availability


WE **DO** HAVE  FREE UNITS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME, but hurry because we tend to run out of stock very quickly


Our hands-free automated sex machines have one perfect companion (aside from copious amounts of lube and some cleanup supplies!)…..that companion is HUMANS ON WEBCAM, who entertain and titillate you, arouse and stimulate you, work at getting you off remotely, while your robot does it for you physically! You can be a voyeur as they do whatever you command, and at the same time your FREE sex machine will be stroking and sucking you to heavens gate.


Here is the way the free program works:


The only thing better than getting your member worked over bringing hands free no work ecstasy on demand 24/7 is GETTING IT FOR FREE. To get one of our bots for 100% FREE, just follow these instructions:

  1. go to this link
  2. sign up for an account (click “join for free” in the top right corner), provide credit card number (for age verification) and make the required initial upgrade purchase (you may purchase any package over $60). This will give you CAMS credits and time with our CAMS partner LiveJasmin. You will LOVE it and very likely become a lifelong user once you have the incredible experience of a CAMS entertainer combined WITH our robot!
  3. when you get your email receipt of your account creation and purchase, forward the entire email recept(s) from them to
  4. once we verify the validity of your purchase with our partner, we will reply to your email with a 1-time use coupon that can be used in our store for a 100% discount on a robot of your choice.
  5. purchase normally your robot in our store, and enter your coupon code to get a 100% discount. Thats right, not a typo, 100% of the purchase price.
  6. we will reply by email if there are any issues or we need further info
  7. the coupon will never expire but will only be good for one use and MAY be given to someone else, but remember to safeguard it, because once it has been used by anyone, it is automatically expired.
  8. You will still be required to pay worldwide shipping and we suggest strongly RUSH processing also(these will be in your checkout cart).
  9. we also require you to submit a review or testimonial after 30 days of blissful use of the amazing robot