Sex On Demand, Fully Automated

Sex On Demand, Fully Automated

Our motorized bots will please you 24/7 on demand
PowerSuck 500
Its finally here, only whispered about for years.  An automated robot that will SUCK YOU OFF on demand, any time and anywhere....... The PowerSuck 500 Just turn it upside down, lube up and slide your...
PowerPussy 500
The PowerPussy 500 is not yet available, it is out of stock from the manufacturer.   Be sure and subscribe to our newsletter to receive notice when we are back in stock!
Free Robots!!!
Do you want FREE Sex Robots? PowerSuck 500 for FREE? PowerPussy 500 for FREE? Our manufacturers at VERY BRIEF times will overproduce for us and we will liquidate the robots at **our** cost - check...

Automatic Sex Machines – the time is now

Welcome to Personal Pleasure Products, where we offer only the finest automated sexual pleasure and stimulation products and accessories for both men and women, with an emphasis on motorized  robots, devices, and machines.  Look around, check us out. We have robots that will work to please you 24 hours a day at your command, will never stop, will never take a break, will never have a headache, and are all about **YOU**. Oh, and they feel amazing, like nothing you have experienced before, in fact some people even prefer them to a human touch!


We also have an innovative program to provide our bots to you 100% FREE of charge (you only pay S&H and RUSH service if you opt for that).


Once you have experienced the feeling of using our machines, you will be mesmerized, you will be hooked, and dont forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter and shop for accessories, lubes, cleaner, and our full range of products in our store.